Poor venue reviews

In March 2019 I started my own venue finder and review page. This tool is designed to assist customers to find a suitable place to hold their children’s party. I recently visited a venue that left me cold. It was so cold and the windows in the toilet had huge gaps around the frames, the chairs were falling to bits, the curtains were ripped and the whole place needed a total rebuild. However I will NOT be revealing which venue this is, I don’t want to embarrass my customers with bad reviews. Sometimes a venue is the only option available to hold a party and I really don’t want to spoil the good working relationship with my customers. So if a venue is not on my venue finder page https://www.kidsentertainer.one/venue-finder/ it has either not been visited by me or the venue didn’t meet my high expectations. I may review this later – what do you think?Should I just say – “not my usual standard of venue”, or just not say anything? Please contact me & let me know – I value your opinion .

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