Children love children party games, silly magic and laughter. While animals are fabulous we don’t believe that parties and animal welfare are compatible.

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Mr Custard's Animal Welfare Policy

Mr Custard doesn’t to use animals in his magic shows. At Children’s birthday parties he uses an animal colouring book. His silly props are much better. He love’s birds, animals (and children) very much and thinks it is wrong to involve animals in Magic Shows. He loves going into village halls and homes with very excited children but think it is wrong to make animals do the same. 

Rabbits need the right food, a clean cage and need to be able to run, hop & skip in either a caged run or a garden. The heat & the noise of lots of boys & girls having fun at a party would be very frightening to a little rabbit.

Although Sniffy loves Mr Custard, he does not really like being picked up and stuffed into a box, until it is time to pop up to an audience without being asked.

Mr Custard does not think it is right to use animals for entertainment.

Looking for holiday care for your Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chickens and Budgie’s? Visit Riley’s Pet Care for costs and contact details. 

Sniffy the small rabbit in Mr Custard's garden running free and not in a cage.
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