Because Mr Custard is a very silly entertainer as a result his Fun shows for Kids are probably the best for all ages in Northants, Beds, Cambs & Leicester.

Balloon Modelling

Mr Custard standing between 2 ladies who were wearing balloon hats.

Mr Custards Balloon Hats

Mr Custard went to celebrate Grayson's party in Wellingborough. The children had a bouncy castle but NO magic. Mr Custard made swords, dogs, hats and more balloon animals for everyone. At the end of the party he sang Happy Birthday with everyone while Grayson blew out the birthday cake candles.

Julie Riley (Mrs Custard) holding a purple and red flower made from 2 x 260q balloons

Flowers for Mrs Custard

Of course knowing how to make flowers for Mrs Custard comes in handy, especially when he wants more pancakes.

11 children posing with Mr Custard in a club after a magic show.

Rocket Balloons

Mr Custard also carries Rocket Balloons, children love being silly with them and they bring a great atmosphere to the party entertainments. Please let us know if there will be any animals e.g Guide Dogs at your function as they may be upset by the silly noise the rocket balloons make.

An orange teddy made from a 260q modelling balloon with a face drawn on the front

Mr Custard's Favourite

Mr Custard loves making the balloon teddy especially when it light children's faces up. Keep watching this page and see what is the next balloon animal is going to make. Have you a favourite? Join our Facebook page and tell us what your favourite balloon model is.

Another Cheeky Monkey

Monkeys, Flowers, Teddy Bears, Dogs, Hats, Swords, Giraffes, Reindeers, Rabbits, Parrots, Snakes, Elephants are all Mr Custard's favourites.

Mr Custard standing with 2 young girls in a marque after he made them a monkey on a pole using 260q balloons.

Bar-B-Que Fun Day

Mr Custard would love to come to your Bar-B-Que, Fun Day, Fete or company promotions to do balloon modelling, pocket magic and general sillyness. In 2018 he went to the Bedford River festival and joined the excited children and made balloon animals and performed simple pocket magic.

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