27th October 2019

Conk The Clown gave us a very interesting talk about his life as a clown at the Coventry & Leicester Equity meeting last night.

21st October 2019

Conk The Clown gave us a very interesting talk about his life as a clown at the Coventry & Leicester Equity meeting last night.

13th October 2019

Sawtry 13th October 2019

WI Hall in Sawtry

I had a lovely time on Saturday 13th October 2019 entertaining Eiliyah-Zanna and her friends who had a unicorn party at Sawtry. It was especially nice as I thought I might not be able to accept any bookings this weekend due to a minor operation on my hand. All in all it has been a great day.

2nd October 2019

Juggling with Feather Sticks

I went to the Corby Juggling Club again last night and met Andy the other founder. Thanks to Andy I moved from relentlessly trying to master the Juggling balls and practiced plate spinning, Diablo and my favourite (The Feather Sticks). Now these really are the best item to learn how to juggle with. Thanks again Andy for helping. If you would like to join us the Corby Juggling Club meets every Tuesday night at the Serbian Orthodox Church, Rockingham Road, Corby..

17th august 2019

Gamblingay Wedding Party

Carrie’s Wedding In Gamblingay, amazing new tricks from Mr Custard.

10th august 2019

Dante's Party in Milton Keynes

I went to Milton Keynes yesterday to entertain children at Dante’s 1st Birthday Party. I had some exciting new tricks and props to show off.

7th august 2019

The Growing Together Fun day in Northampton with Sally Keeble

I met some lovely people today in Northampton, doing balloon modelling, Limbo and musical statues. My new Ikea stool came in very handy.Jubbly xxx

4th august 2019

I always get asked to eat a hearty meal when I entertain Asian children in Leicester. This time I made sure I wasn’t having dinner when I got home, the bonus this time is that my lovely customer in the Broadway Inn, Leicester made a take away for Julie Riley(Mrs Custard) Lovely Jubbly xxx

The Broadway Inn Leicester

21st July 2019

I joined the delightful Lynne and her family at Buckden Marina today. It was lovely to be in the company of family members who had come thousands of miles for Lynne’s family reunion. It was fabulous as one of the boys taught me how to make a bow and arrow with modelling balloons. Hey I don’t care where I learn stuff, I am just so glad people take an interest in my craft.

20th July 2019

I went to Fresh Direct today to do balloon Modelling and silly mix and mingle. I met some lovely people and had a chat with Neil from Bouncytime. I also met a couple who work hard with their Polish Food outlet.

18th july 2019

I love graduation parties especially when the teachers and assistants are so kind and thoughtful. I went to Birchwood Pre-School on 19th July 2019 again. We had a fabulous time with my silly magic show. I made a balloon flower for the ladies and the children helped me. It was fantastic thanks everyone. 

Mr Custard in Dordon , Tamworth

14th july 2019

I went to Eaton Socon and did my clown show for Alice and her friends. The 1st thing I did was to put some extra balloons at the entrance to the village hall to help guide the guests to the party. When the party started Alice’s mum was fabulous, bringing me cups of tea, giving the children a drink while I set up my Limbo sticks and even helping me with the pass the parcel. It is great when customers work with me to achieve a great party. All in all a fabulous time was had by all.

13th july 2019

I went to Cambridge today for Mariam’s 3rd birthday party. There were not many children but we still had a lovely time. The bonus was that I had time to make my intricate balloons like Teddy Bears and Butterflys.

8th july 2019

Pass The Parcel - Update

It is with a little sadness that Mr Custard is phasing out the Pass The Parcel game in his shows. He is supporting the BBC Plastic campaign and feels it is hypocritical to campaign against McDonalds for giving out toys when he does exactly the same. However if customers really do need the game he can provide temporary tattoos and punch ball balloons instead.

If you wish to support the campaign to save our planet please read all about it.

7th july 2019

Ise Lodge Pavillion Kettering 7th July 2019

An easier day today. 

Mr Custard was back in Kettering to entertain Milla for her 5th birthday Party, this time at the Ise Lodge Pavillion in Grantown Close. As the venue includes a FREE bouncy castle my customer negotiated for a shorter show which featured a few musical games like Musical Statues, Simon Says and the ever popular Musical Bumps. The silly magic show lasted for 45 minutes and features the magic colouring book, the talking drawing board and silly clown antics. Everyone including Mr Custard had a fabulous time.

6th july 2019

Our busy day on the 6th July 2019

We had a busy day today. 

Mr Crumble went to Montsaye Sports Centre in Kettering to entertain Louie at his 5th birthday Party, while Mr Potato did Juggling, Balloon Modelling and Magic at My Friends Nursery in Bromsgrove for the Nursery Fun Day 

Mr Custard had 2 clown parties, the 1st was the Busy Bees Nursery in Market Harborough for their annual Graduation Party.

 Then he had to go to the Saints Rugby Club in Northampton to do magic, balloons, the pea brain game, limbo and musical statues . This was Chris’s 40th Birthday Party. Chris enjoyed himself while the children were kept busy with Mr Custard

All the parties went well, it was lovely that Mr Custard was able to visit Busy Bees Nursery again and he is so pleased they keep re-booking.

The Saints Rugby Club is an impressive venue with many function rooms, Mr Custard was fascinated by the wall of Rugby hero’s depicting the best of the best Rugby stars going back to 1903 in Northampton. It would have been nice if Mr Custard had remembered his clown hat! What a silly Clown!

Why did Bob Riley (Mr Custard) become a Kids’s entertainer?

Bob Riley started out as a Radio presenter on a voluntary hospital radio station Radio Nene Valley. After admiring the fabulous Disc jockey’s – Tony Blackburn, Kenny Everett, Alan Freeman (fluff) and Steve Wright, he really wanted to be a radio D.J. Alas this was not to be, so he became an ambulance technician for 12 years. All the time though the urge to entertain and his love of music was an itch that just needed to be scratched.

In 1991, he left the ambulance service and launched the Blue Nose Disco, travelling down to Kent and London to perform in large hotels for an agency called “Bashers.” During the 90’s he built up a local customer base including Rushden & Diamond Football Club, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, Daventry Resort Hotel and Staverton Park Golf Complex. During this time, Bob knew that he now wanted to entertain children and went on training courses for balloon modelling, face painting and magic.

In 1995, Bob launched “Mr Custard “in Northamptonshire with the Mr Custard’s Disco and Magic Show. The equipment at this time was so heavy so he drove to gigs in a large ex-parcel force van. Today is very different as compact discs and vinyl records have been replaced with Spotify, and memory sticks.

In 1999, Bob fell in love and met his wife Julie Grant who was a very popular and much loved teacher at Beanfield Infants School in Corby. They both moved to Cottingham and created a great team as Mr and Mrs Custard. Julie (Mrs Custard), found she loved entertaining and soon had a following all of her own. Bob (Mr Custard) said, “When Mrs Custard joined the team she wowed her audience and then marketed me for the next show creating happy customers for several repeat parties. It was win, win, and win for everyone.”

In 2015, Julie (then Riley) was elected as a Councillor for Corby Borough Council and was immediately elected as Deputy Mayor of Corby, perfect grounding for her future role as Mayor of Corby 2016 -2017. Sadly, Mrs Custard had to hang up her clown boots and wig and hand over bookings to Mr Custard. She  said “I had a wonderful time making children laugh ,but one of the highlights of my time as Mrs Custard was appearing on the BBC4 Television Channel in a documentary with Mr Custard” The 30 minute programme featured us and 4 other entertainers. It was a great opportunity to show off our skills and open our crazy world to the wider audience.

Mrs Custard keeps Mr Custard in check
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